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Technology Trends in Accounting 2021 Research Report
Discover the progress accountancy firms have made in their business and client service transformation, and what impact the pandemic has had on their use of technology.

The cloud platform accountants need for success today and tomorrow

Real-time data. Automated compliance reporting. Great collaboration. And the tools you need to create new revenue from advisory services. 

The secret of success is connected accounting

Silverfin connects with your clients’ bookkeeping and financial systems to bring you all the data you need – whatever the source. We automate your compliance accounting workflows, improving your speed, accuracy and profitability. Then our powerful analytics and reporting tools give you the data and insight you need to be your clients’ most trusted advisor.



The sights of connected accountants

Connected accountants have four sights. As you achieve each sight your firm, team and clients are more connected. More productive.  Can develop new services. Improve competitiveness and secure more revenue.

"It's a liberation to have everything digital, at all times, to be able to consult on everything anywhere."

Valérie Rivière, Senior Manager of Accountancy & Business Process Solutions

"From data analysis to client communication. The connected accounting approach really helps us to offer a tailored service to our clients." 

Frederik Falepijn, Partner at Deloitte Belgium

"We want to maintain a personal service, offering high-quality services to our clients and allowing technology to enable that."

Jim Brown, Managing Partner at Blick Rothenberg

"With historic and live data we can spot trends, respond faster and be strategic in our advice to clients."

Pete Dearing, Partner at Smailes Goldie Group

“The role of the accountant is changing. We need to become a ‘trusted advisor’ for our clients, and provide them with proactive and data-driven insights."

Charlotte Pille, Partner at VGD

Faster reporting.
Plus the tools you need for great advisory services.

Silverfin makes compliance fast and accurate with data from more than 50 sources and one-click accounting workflows. Less time reporting means more time with clients. Then use our data, analytics and reporting tools to deliver the advisory services and insight your clients really value.

Metrics 36px Data consolidation

Bring all client data from bookkeeping and other sources into one secure cloud data hub.

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Templates 24px Data standardisation

All client data is stored in a standard and uniform chart of accounts irrespective of source, this makes automation possible.

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Real-Time 36px Real-time integrations

Always have the latest data from leading bookkeeping software and data sources when you need it, automatically.

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Automation 48px Workflow automation

Use our templates to standardise and automate accounting and compliance workflows, and approval processes, across your firm in the cloud.

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Communications 48px Real-time collaboration

All client and team communication, files and data shared on the same financial platform and kept with the client file. No need for endless email or additional portals.

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Document 48px Easy reporting

Get a wide range of up-to-date and visually appealing financial reports at the click of a button.

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Benchmarking 48px Client benchmarking

Identify trends in the data, as they happen, across your client portfolio. Unlock opportunities to give advice or offer new services.

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Notification 24px Client monitoring and alerts

Create automated alerts across your whole portfolio to monitor risks or tell you when clients reach key events. Notify your team and clients to take action or inform other management systems.

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Client advisory 36px New advisory services

Develop new revenue streams from value-added client advisory services using our data, alerts, analytics and reporting capabilities.

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Silverfin integrates with leading financial software you already use

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