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Technology Trends in Accounting 2021 Research Report
Discover the progress accountancy firms have made in their business and client service transformation, and what impact the pandemic has had on their use of technology.

We’ve made corporation tax easy
and fast in the cloud

Save hours on client corporation tax returns with Silverfin.

Tax accountants are struggling with challenges our cloud technology can fix. Corporation tax is one.

Creating a tax return is a manual and repetitive task. It’s just too hard. Takes too much time and effort. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

We’re making corporation tax easy and fast in the cloud.

It’s time to save hours of work on your client returns with Silverfin.

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How does it work?

Today firms manage the bulk of their work, and reconciliations, using data uploads and complicated spreadsheets and software for tax returns and compliance. Then, when they’ve completed their work, they also have to create a file for online submission to the authorities.


If that’s not bad enough, they’re also forced to work with multiple client data sources and IT systems that don’t play nicely together. This just slows everyone down and makes life even harder.

Silverfin’s integrated cloud accounting platform automates your work

It stores all your client data and uses that with best practice tax workflows to automate the creation of the tax return. This makes life easier and saves you hours.


Tax schedules automatically update when adjustments are made to client data so there’s no need for last-minute updates or corrections. We can even automate the creation of working papers and accounts production, and link them directly with the tax workflow. 


With everything in one cloud platform you don’t have to switch in and out of different applications or hunt out the data you need. Everything is right there in Silverfin. 


Save time by creating and filing your clients' corporation tax returns online from within Silverfin. Automating improves productivity at the firm and the service the client receives. Everyone wins.

Now doesn't that sound a lot easier and faster

Corporation tax is available on Silverfin now in Belgium and in the UK February 2021.


Silverfin is the one cloud platform you need for all your core accounting work.

Workflows 24px Benefit from best practice tax workflows and automation

With Silverfin your whole team works the same way. Quality, accuracy and efficiency are improved. Manual work is reduced. Preparing and filing returns is easier and faster. Free up your team from number crunching and error correction to spend more time with clients giving tax advice.

Cloud 24px All the data you need is at your fingertips

The Silverfin Data Hub stores all live and historical data, as well as client communication and files, so it’s easy to refer to previous returns or other financial information you need. Even down to individual transactions if you want. Data can be sourced automatically from over 50 bookkeeping and other financial sources or uploaded manually via CSV files.

Working papers 48px Changes happen once

Linking client data with your working papers, accounts production, and then corporation tax work in Silverfin means teams benefit from significant time savings. Data only needs to be entered, checked or changed once. Any changes to the client file are reflected in other workflows too.

Time Saving 36px Save time with no manual categorisation of tax treatments

When you create a client file, Silverfin will map the data using standard definitions. This removes the need to manually chart data and tax treatments when preparing the return. These definitions can be customised if required.

Real-Time 36px You’re always up-to-date

When we make improvements to our platform or tax legislation changes, we make the updates and you get them immediately. That’s the beauty of the cloud. So you don’t have to worry any more about updating your software or spreadsheets. That’s our job.

Communications 24px Collaboration is easy

You work on the return in Silverfin with your tax and accounting team, and client. Our collaboration tools mean you get the answers you need quickly without ever having to leave the platform. No more endless emails, file downloads or additional client portals to battle with. Got a question? Send a message and get the response you need in Silverfin. Everyone working on the client file can see it so no more bottlenecks or risk from data fragmentation either. Plus a clear paper trail is kept along with the files for future reference.

Icon_Authorities 36px Create and file the tax return with the authorities in the same platform

You create the return using our templates and benefit from automatic iXBRL tagging. When you’re ready to file with the tax authorities you do this from our platform too. No time wasted using a different tool or exporting and converting files.

Document 36px Support for key returns

CT600; CT600A (Closed companies); CT600B (CFCs) and CT600C (Group and consortium).

Templates 24px The schedules and calculations you need

Including: income and losses; fixed assets (tangible and intangible); balance sheet items; profit or loss items; tax adjustments; gains and FRS102 tax disclosures.

Learn how our cloud technology makes corporation tax easy with automation.

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