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The world has changed so much in just a few weeks. We’re seeing a lot of change in the lives and work of our accounting customers and their clients. The rapid shift to remote working. New legislation and financial actions by world governments. Clients under extreme pressure and in need of emergency advice, particularly SMEs.

So we wanted to do something practical to help. To help our customers, their clients and the wider accounting community. After all - we’re all in this together.

Here you’ll find information and advice on how Silverfin can help you respond to the challenges represented by COVID-19. We’ll keep you up to date with developments on our platform, training resources and information from other sources.

So bookmark this page and join the community to share your advice, ideas and questions with us and your peers.


Tim and Joris
Co-founders Silverfin


Latest Update (11.05.20)

We’ve released new templates for critical cash flow planning and for identifying COVID-19 measures valuable to clients - available free on our Marketplace. We’ve also released Silverfin Inbox and it’s available free now. More information on both below.

Our customers also have their say: read more about how they are coping with this crisis. Below you will find more information about both features.

Silverfin initiatives to support you now

We got our team together (virtually of course) to look at how we can best support our customers and their clients at this time. We’ll keep this list of actions updated as new developments happen so don’t forget to come back to check what’s changed and to see how Silverfin can help you.

COVID-19 Stress Test Templates (available now - free)

We’ve released two Silverfin templates to identify, and then track, clients under pressure from COVID-19 and to make critical cash flow planning faster and easier. These are free to all customers and available for download now on our Marketplace.

With these templates you can:

  • Identify COVID-19 measures and apply them to a specific client file (currently available for the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands). This includes government measures and the ability to add other actions relevant to a specific client file e.g. a change in premises costs or payment terms.
  • Complete critical cash flow forecasting and scenario planning. Identify clients at risk and work with them to look at how different measures will impact their performance over time. You can also see the impact any COVID-19 measures will have on them.

Accountants can use the templates to identify clients that need their help across the whole firm, by industry and organisation size and then create a plan with them individually. Contact us to find out more information.

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Silverfin Inbox (live now - free)

We’ve released a major update to our communication and collaboration capabilities and made it available now to all clients for free. Silverfin Inbox makes working with clients and team members easy and will be particularly helpful at this time when everyone is working remotely.

Accountants see all their personal communication across their client portfolio consolidated into one inbox. They can communicate with any client from here and don’t have to switch into an individual client file and inbox unless they want to. They also get an alert when new messages arrive that need their attention even if they are working in a different client file.

For clients, they get a simple way to communicate and share information with their accountant from within Silverfin using an inbox approach they are familiar with.

All correspondence is then linked to, and saved, within the context of the client file.

Contact us to find out more information and about the additional collaboration benefits you can achieve when you combine Inbox with Silverfin Interact.


The Connected Accountants Community

Join our new community - The Connected Accountants. This is a place for accountants and our partners to share ideas for new ways we can help and ask us (and each other) questions.

It’s designed to bring the wider accounting community together and for us all to benefit from each other’s experience and ideas. We welcome anyone in accounting to join the community so we can all help each other as best we can.



Silverfin Insights (free for 90 days)

We’ve made Silverfin Insights available free for 90 days from 1 April 2020 for customers that don’t have it. Insights gives you the tools needed to interrogate data at a client and portfolio level, and analytics and reporting to turn that data into powerful advice. Our new COVID-19 templates utilise Insights to give the forecasting and reporting capabilities necessary to support clients at this time so we wanted to ensure every customer could take advantage of them.

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Silverfin Resources

We’ve pulled together some useful Silverfin resources we think will help you and your team use our platform more successfully at this time. We’ll add to these all the time so make sure you come back regularly to find out what we’ve added.


Thank you to these firms that are giving this community their support

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Silverfin Resources

These resources will help you use our platform more successfully at this time. We’ll add more here as we have them.


How consultancy and accountancy firm VGD successfully deals with the Covid-19 situation.

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Why according to our customer dnf group connected accounting is the solution in these times of crisis.

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COVID-19 Stress Test Templates

Join us for this walk-through session of our new COVID-19 Stress Test Templates which is available to all customers.

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New feature release - INBOX

Our latest feature release brings a new level of productivity to the way you manage internal and external communications.

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Weekly Virtual Masterclasses

We will run regular masterclass sessions covering a wide range of topics relevant to the current business landscape.

Find out more

Additional Resources

Here we’ve identified some additional resources from third parties we thought would be helpful. We will update these regularly and if you find any you think would be valuable to the community please let us know.

Policy and advice

This site consolidates UK government guidance for employees, employers and businesses.

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Professional Body

Find out a range of advice, updated data and guidance from this leading UK professional body.

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Accountancy Age is a leading UK publication for the profession and it is tracking developments and their impact in this section of their website.

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