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Tax accountants are struggling with challenges our technology can fix. Corporation tax is one. See how our cloud platform automates corporation tax work.

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Smailes Goldie uses Silverfin to automate compliance and power advisory services

"Technology helps our compliance offering become even more efficient, enabling us to deliver more value-added services to clients." Pete Dearing, Partner.

Smailes Goldie takes a consistent approach across all clients.

Smailes Goldie Group is a leading firm of chartered accountants, auditors, tax and business advisors based in Hull and North Lincolnshire. Its clients include sole traders, partnerships, start-ups, SMEs, family businesses, large corporates, charities, not for profit organisations and educational establishments.

With a broad range of clients, Smailes Goldie wanted a solution that could deliver a consistent working process across the portfolio.

“As a firm we want to be able to deal with whatever software solution our clients are using. To do that, we needed something that we could use internally that would enable our output to be the same no matter what our clients were using.”

Looking to the future

By using Silverfin to consolidate data and automate previously manual tasks, Smailes Goldie has more time and insights to speak to clients about what’s really important to them. And key to this is cloud technology, improving not just core compliance but the ability to provide clients with non-audit services such as management information.

“We believe the future will be that clients will look for us to add value at all opportunities. To do that we need the data, and Silverfin provides us with a platform to provide quality advice that clients are looking for. Rather than spending our time looking at history – which doesn’t benefit the client, that’s already happened – the client wants to know about the future.”


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