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Silverfin & Data Protection


Through the Silverfin Platform, Silverfin gathers and processes certain information about individuals. This document aims to explain how Silverfin treats such personal information in light of data protection regulation, including the European General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”.

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As a customer of Silverfin, certain sets of personal information are being processed by Silverfin to be able to serve you as a customer (for administrative, financial or technical support related purposes). Unless you have explicitly consented to the processing of such personal information for other purposes than the providing by Silverfin of services to you, your personal information (and those of your relevant employees) will be processed solely for that purpose.

Our Privacy Policy describes all relevant information on the processing of personal information by Silverfin, both in its capacity as data controller and as data processor informing you, together with all data subjects how we treat, process and protect your personal information in a clear, concise and transparent manner.

By uploading data on or otherwise entering data into the Silverfin Platform, personal information could be processed through the Silverfin Platform. For such personal information you (or your customer) will be considered the data controller, and Silverfin will be considered a data processor. As a data controller, you or your customer must ascertain that it has complied with its obligations under the GDPR before passing personal information to Silverfin for processing or before uploading it on the Silverfin Platform. In addition, you or your customer are to provide lawful instructions to Silverfin as its data processor.



The processing by Silverfin must be governed by a contract or other legal act that is binding on Silverfin towards You. Except we have agreed otherwise, our Silverfin Data Processing Addendum determines our commitments towards You (or your customer) in accordance with GDPR.

The Silverfin DPA is supplemental to and forms an integral part of your Silverfin SaaS Agreement and is effective upon its incorporation into the SaaS Agreement Agreement, which may be specified in the Silverfin SaaS Agreement or an executed amendment to the Silverfin SaaS Agreement. In case of any conflict or inconsistency with the terms of the Silverfin SaaS Agreement, this DPA will take precedence over the terms of the Silverfin SaaS Agreement to the extent of such conflict or inconsistency.

We update the terms of the Silverfin DPA from time to time in order to comply with the latest current privacy legislation and improvements of the Silverfin Platform, without any derogation of the existing level of protection.

You can find archived versions of the DPA here.



You can find more information on the subject-matter and duration of the processing, the nature and purpose of the processing, the type of personal data and categories of data subjects here.


Silverfin is ISO 27001 certified which serves as an excellent framework to protect and process your personal information. We also refer to our Security Policy for the measures taken to guarantee the safeguard of your data.

In accordance with the GDPR we have also implemented organizational & technical measures to protect your personal data.


Silverfin engages certain sub-processors (including entities within the Silverfin group) to assist it in providing the Services as described in the SaaS-Agreement and therefore could have access to personal data of You or Your Customer.

You can find the current sub-processors of Silverfin here.


If you would have further queries on how Silverfin handles personal information please contact legal@silverfin.com