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The cloud platform for automated financial reporting and value-added client advisory services.

Built by accountants for accountants.

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Silverfin is the structured data hub and cloud service accountants and finance professionals use to make reporting easy, accurate and fast.


But that’s not all. Hundreds of leading accountancy firms use Silverfin as the foundation of their client advisory services and future innovation plans.


Silverfin is the central workspace you share with the client, your automated workflow and reporting platform and single source of truth for live and historical financial data.


We call this Connected Accounting.


This is your secure cloud-based home for all client data across the firm. A live link to the client data automatically keeps things up to date.

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We standardise and automate accounting workflows making them faster, easier and accurate. Simply select the template you need, customise it or build your own.

Templates vary by geography and include working papers; accounts production; management reporting; audit and corporation tax.

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Customise or create

You can adapt or develop your own templates to reflect workflows unique to your firm.

3rd party templates

A growing number of specialist developers and firms are creating their own templates and workflows on Silverfin and making them available to everyone in our Marketplace.

Working papers

Using transaction-level data your team can move quickly through standardised workflows like Working Papers eliminating the need for multiple Excel or paper files, and manual processing.

Accounts production

Pull data directly into our templates for accounts production using automated workflows and approval paths, give them client branding, then publish or file online with the authorities in just a few clicks of a button. It’s painless.

Other workflows

The Marketplace includes a growing list of templates for key accounting workflows.

Interrogate financial and non-financial data in Silverfin to develop new value-added advisory services. Identify issues or opportunities and take action in real-time across your whole client portfolio.

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Teams and clients collaborate directly in the client file to verify issues, get information and share documentation. All in context and you're in control of what's shared. No need for email, paper or extra client portals or file stores.

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Our open API means Silverfin data can also be used with other systems including business analytics, CRM and even your own applications.

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At a glance


Silverfin enables you to create a digital firm with automated workflows using live client data and gives you the tools you need to develop value-added client advisory services.

Connected data. Teams. Clients. Workflows.


Silverfin is your technology partner for the future. Your partner for connected accounting.

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More than 600 leading firms are using Silverfin as the technology platform to build their business on.

"The connected accounting approach really helps us to offer a tailored service to our clients."

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“With historic and live data we can spot trends, respond faster and be strategic in our advice to clients.”

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