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"We want to maintain a personal service, offering high-quality services to our clients and allowing technology to enable that".

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“The Silverfin platform allows us to provide our clients with a highly modern service. It's an all-round flexible toolkit: we are able to develop and integrate our own specific processes in the Silverfin framework." - Frederik Falepin, Partner & Bart Clinkaert, Finance Executive

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"In Silverfin you can acces financial reports during meetings with the client. With a few clicks you can drill-down to invoice level too. This way the principle of 'there is a document behind every number' becomes very tangible." - Bart Palmans, Partner

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“Our physical documents were quite sparse. We wanted a way to automate certain aspects of our work, and Silverfin was able to provide a solution.” - Jan Van Cauwenbergh, partner

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"As a large firm it's crucial to be able to tailor a program to our specific methods and processes. With Silverfin we have that flexibility." - Henry Vermeersch, Senior Manager

“The role of the accountant is changing. We need to become a ‘trusted advisor’ for our clients, and provide them with proactive and data-driven insights. Silverfin gives us the tools we need to fulfil that new role." - Charlotte Pille, Partner

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  • "Silverfin offers us digital client files and great reporting at the click of a button, without needing to export and import data between bookkeeping systems and Excel. "
  • "Silverfin takes our business to another level, all this extra time on our hands. We couldn't work without it!"
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