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Deloitte develops own processes on the Silverfin platform

Number of employees 650
bookkeeping software Exact Online, Sage Bob, Venice
Silverfin is a connected platform that functions as a digital framework for our various processes. From data analysis to client communication. The connected accounting approach really helps us to offer a tailored service to our clients.

Multitude of software tools took its toll on the efficiency

“Previously, our system required a lot of checking and verifying data in a multitude of sources. After that the data could be combined in programs such as Word and Excel. Although everything was connected, it was still necessary to open several programs at once in order to work correctly. This took its toll on our system and the efficiency of our employees.”

Silverfin offers us the possibility to develop our own processes

“In our search for a new system, it was key to find a solution that would allow us to keep our own methods of working. We wanted to convert the various billing systems, used in accounting programs, to one standardised version. Silverfin offered us the flexibility needed to develop our own processes on the platform. So for us, that was the deciding factor.”

We work uniformly across all our branches

“Since we implemented the Silverfin platform in our organisation, everyone works according to the same standardised process. And that’s a significant advantage. Each report that we produce, each budget that we prepare and every file we process is executed in the same way throughout all our locations. This is solely down to the integration of Silverfin with the existing systems and accounting software.”

Deloitte has 12 regional offices in Belgium and serves over 5000 companies. The organisation focuses on providing data-driven business advice and specialises in several areas: from Tax and Legal, M&A and Finance to areas such as Technology and Strategy.
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