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By having a paperless office, PKF-VMB can keep an overview of all their client files, right down to transaction level, whenever and wherever they need them.

Locations Worldwide
Bookkeeping software Exact Online
Silverfin enables you to call up a real-time overview of the financials during face-to-face meetings. If there are any queries, you can click through to the general ledger and even down to transaction level if you need to. This makes the basic principle of ‘a supporting document for every figure’ extremely tangible.
Bart Palmans, Partner

Excel requires a lot of checking

"We used to work with tools we had developed ourselves in Word and Excel, which worked without causing too much frustration; however, as Excel formulas sometimes got changed, we had to spend a lot of time checking data to ensure that everything was correct."

The manual aspect of Excel is outdated

“After seeing a Silverfin demo, we understood the benefits that it could bring. The manual work involved in Excel spreadsheets is not suited to today’s world. By using the Silverfin platform, we could build bespoke reports for the clients without manual excel work.”

Digital bookkeeping files always available

“A benefit of Silverfin is that you can call up a real-time overview of the financials on screen, even during face-to-face meetings with the client. You can have a digital client file at your fingertips containing all the data, right down to transaction level.”

PKF-VMB has a varied client portfolio including large and small businesses, based locally or internationally. PKF-VMB’s financial expertise is especially focused on growing businesses: expansions, takeovers, internationalisation, transformations and start-ups.

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