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VP Accountants


How VP Accountants used Silverfin to go paperless

VP accountants - Silverfin
Number of locations  18
Number of employees 98
Bookkeeping service Exact Online
Silverfin offers us digital client files and great reporting at the click of a button, without needing to export and import data between bookkeeping systems and Excel.
Jan Van Cauwenbergh, partner

Greater efficiency compared to excel

“We had things set up reasonably well in Excel, and our model worked smoothly, but there was also some manual work needed, and every year there were corrections to be made, which wasn’t very efficient.”

In search of a paperless solution

“Our physical documents were quite sparse. We wanted a way to automate certain aspects of our work, and Silverfin was able to provide a solution.”

Unlimited bookkeeping package access

“The advantage of syncing with Silverfin is that we can bring everything onto the cloud. We can now work on client files at the office, at home and when with clients.”

VP Accountants offers bookkeeping, accountancy and tax advice services. The firm’s aim is to provide a bookkeeping service along with good reporting and advice that genuinely helps businesses get ahead.

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