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Powerful collaboration built-in

Silverfin brings together messaging, tasks and review then integrates these into your workflows so your team can collaborate right where the work happens.

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Everything in one place

No more endless email trails, missing attachments or deciphering scribbles on printouts. No switching in and out of client files and applications. With Silverfin all communication between your staff and clients is integrated into one environment.


Collaborate with colleagues, anytime, anywhere.

Work on the same client file, at the same time, from anywhere. Send messages or tasks to colleagues. Tag your manager when it’s time for review. See at a glance all outstanding work on any client engagements.

Collaboration 1-1

Get closer to your clients

Have more regular touchpoints with your client by giving them access to our Pulse portal. Make them feel more involved and more aware of their compliance processes, by collaborating together digitally on working papers, reports or financial statements.

Collaboration 2-2

Paper trails and teamwork

Silverfin stores all the historical activity and communications with every client file. With this audit log for context, you make it easier for teams to share client work and maintain client service when team members are not around. It also means if you have to check work later you can see the changes and conversations that happened during the creation of a client file.

Workflows 3-1

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