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Benefits of standardising workflows across branches for large accountancy firms

Silverfin’s client portal platform aggregates all your clients’ accounting processes, including outsourced managed ones. You can build a uniform process in Silverfin, entirely following your specific workflows as a firm. Standardising this process in your own identity will save you time and ensure all your processes are customised and consistent.


Your way of working, streamlined

Silverfin allows you to work the way you want. The platform can be adapted to best serve your needs. You can use your specific calculations and templates. As a result, you get to eliminate the hours wasted on outdated packages like Excel.


Several branches, one process

Decide upon the way of working at group company level. Then every branch deals with financial data using the same procedures and templates, saving you time and increasing efficiency. You can build bespoke reports and budgets for your customers while staying completely on brand. Always discuss the latest numbers in the right context, during customer meetings online and offline.