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Our platform in a nutshell

Silverfin is the leading provider of Connected Accounting
Software for finance professionals.

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Achieve efficiency gains

  • Higher efficiency through standardisation and automation of workflows

  •  Simplification and centralisation

    of work environment


Jump on every opportunity

  • Make the best decisions based on automated and real-time access to financial data.

  •  Be proactive by forecasting through Silverfin and identify trends & movements


Gain competitive advantage through innovation

  • Improved talent attraction and retention through using innovative technology

  • Higher interactivity with your clients: Integrated communication allowing for interactive communication

Traditional way of working

Highly labor intensive process that involves working across multiple software packages, in a non uniform way.

  • Manual upload of financial data from multiple data sources

  • Inefficient way of working from scattered software silo's

  • Fragmented communication across finance teams

  • Limited interactivity of reports to generate meaningful insights

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A new way of working

Working on Silverfin means having a largely automated workflow, allowing for full transparency, interactivity and collaboration.


  • Live link extracts information of your bookkeeping packages and other software.

  • Template library: Select from the templates you need that have automated calculations & existing rule sets. 

  • Automated triggers ensure that you are on top of your financial data. 

  • Checklists: clarify all your accounts in an easy intuitive way.

  • Automate your report-creation process and build sophisticated and tailored reports.

  • Pulse: Use our communication and collaboration platform to keep all the information centralised

  • Internal communication: track every step on our platform and create clear visibility

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Silverfin creates operational efficiencies
while improving overall client satisfaction

  • Instant collaboration across all stakeholders, increasing transparency and traceability.

  • More transparency: Instant overview of missing 
    documents and data

  • Centralised - internal and external communication
    in one place

  • Interactive reports, with drill-down

    until transaction level.

  • Automated and real-time access to financial data
    of your clients

  • Uniformity: work in a uniform way over all your offices, entities

API First

Connect and centralize all your financial data and software packages in one place. Our API acts as the glue in your financial ecosystem and offers the power of structured financial data and meta data in one place

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Get a 360° company wide overview
and take ownership of your portfolio

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Holistic overview

Get an holistic overview of your portfolio & entities. Segments can be made based on  a number of fields such as financial insights, workflow status,... Monitor for example the status of the year-end closing in the company.


Realtime impact visualisation

Calculate the impact of different scenarios on your clients and look who will benefit from it. Calculate the impact of a scenario on your whole client portfolio and be able to prioritise inbetween customers with the most impact first.



Customized and automated advice

Smart notifications based on defined segments make sure that you can give an automated advice. Changing legislation? Filter out all your clients that are affected.

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