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Privacy Policy Statement Silverfin

Information on your personal data

Please read this Privacy Policy Statement thoroughly.

This Privacy Policy Statement contains important information with respect to the following matters:

  • what Personal Data we collect from you and for which purpose;
  • the measures to safeguard the security of your Personal Data; and
  • your rights with respect to your Personal Data.

All Personal Data are processed in accordance with the act of 8 December 1992 concerning the privacy protection with respect to the processing of personal data (the “Privacy Act”).

1. Applicability

This Privacy Policy Statement applies to the processing and transmission of Personal Data by Silverfin NV, with registered office at Gaston Crommenlaan 12, 9050 Gent, Belgium and registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises with enterprise number 0524.802.662 (“Silverfin” or “we”) via the Platform for Direct Marketing purposes.

By accepting the Privacy Policy Statement, the Customer unambiguously authorizes Silverfin to use his/her Personal Data for Direct Marketing purposes in accordance with Article 5,a Privacy Act. Not accepting this Privacy Policy Statement, could possibly impact the availability of certain functionalities of the Platform.

2. Personal Data

In accordance with the provisions in this Privacy Policy Statement, Silverfin is entitled to process the following Personal Data:
- contact information (such as address, e-mail address and phone number);
- technical data (such as IP-address) and
- financial related data. 

Silverfin will store and process your Personal Data on its servers located within the European Economic Area.

3. Purpose of the Processing

Silverfin will share your Personal Data with the Receivers for purposes of Direct Marketing. As a consequence, targeted Direct Marketing with respect to the purchase of goods and services that may be advantageous for the Customer may be sent, on the basis of the accounting data (including the Personal Data) of the Customer which has been entered via the Platform by the Financial Service Provider.

4. Security

Silverfin shall take appropriate technical and organizational measures that are necessary for the protection of the Personal Data against accidental or unauthorized destruction, against accidental loss, as well as against the modification of or access to, and any other prohibited processing of the Personal Data. These measures will ensure an appropriate level of security.

5. Rights of the concerned person

Right to access
If you would like to view your Personal Data that has been processed by Silverfin or have any questions about the processing of your Personal Data, you are entitled to exercise your right to access. Silverfin will then provide you with information about the Personal Data that is being processed and on the source of such Personal Data.

Right of rectification
You have the right to request us, free of charge, to correct any incorrect Personal Data if such Personal Data would be incomplete or inaccurate.

Right to object free of charge
You are entitled to object at any time and without any motivation to the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy Statement.

Each request to exercise your abovementioned rights or any other questions concerning this Privacy Policy Statement, shall be addressed to info@getsilverfin.com or by writing to Gaston Crommenlaan 12, 9050 Gent, Belgium


6. Term

Silverfin will transmit the Personal Data of the Customer to the Receivers in accordance with this Privacy Policy Statement until the Customer has withdrawn his/her consent to process his/her Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy Statement, or until the termination of the contractual relationship with the Financial Service Provider, depending on which situation occurs first.

7. Updates of or changes to the Privacy Policy Statement

Silverfin is entitled to occasionally review and change this Privacy Policy Statement in order to allow us to use your Personal Data for other purposes than those mentioned herein.

If Silverfin would process your Personal Data in a manner different from that stated at the time of the collection of the Personal Data, we will provide you with a notice on our Website and on our Platform indicating that the Privacy Policy Statement has been changed or updated and you shall have the possibility to object your consent in this respect.

8. Definitions

The following definitions (and additional definitions set out in the Agreement) are applicable:
Article” means an article of this Privacy Policy Statement;
Customer” or “you” means the physical person whose Personal Data is being processed via the Platform;
Direct Marketing” means any activity that makes it possible to offer goods and services or to send other messages to a part of the population via post, phone or any other means, in order to inform or trigger a reaction of the concerned persons, as well as any related service;
Financial Service Provider” means the financial service provider using the Platform in order to provide accounting services to the Customer;
Personal Data” means any data regarding an identified or identifiable physical person and more specifically the data set out in Article 3;
Platform” means the online platform “Silverfin” developed and made available by Silverfin to the Financial Service Provider, in order to digitalize its accounting services that are being provided to the Customer;
Receivers” means the financial service providers, insurance companies and utility suppliers to whom Silverfin transmits the Personal Data of the Customer subject to the terms and conditions set out herein;
Website” means http://www.getsilverfin.com

Date of last amendment: 25 November 2016

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