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Working Papers

Streamline the preparation and management of your working papers to improve accuracy and efficiency.

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Working Papers

Fast and painless preparation of working papers

When you have standardized how you want the firm to prepare and manage working papers, you can build automated templates in Silverfin for everyone to follow. These can be pre-populated with client data automatically from the Silverfin Data Hub and integrate fully with your financial statements and tax workflows too. Save yourself time and improve accuracy.


Ditch the spreadsheets

Complex spreadsheets are prone to errors, tough to maintain and often hard to use. Our automated and template-based workflows guide users through the working papers preparation process. Workflow progress tracking gives real-time visibility of the status of any client job.

Working Papers 1-1

Standardize on best practice approach

Our easy-to-use templating tools help you digitize your working papers preparation on Silverfin. Ensure one standardized way of working across the firm, no matter which team, department or office.

Working Papers 2

Managers can see status of client work

Look across a portfolio to see the status of each client. Communicate with teams directly with built-in collaboration and file sharing tools. Share resources across clients now everyone has access to data and works the same way.

Working Papers 3-3

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