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How small and medium sized accountancy firms help their clients better

Say goodbye to Excel sheets. Standardise your year-end and other reconciliation processes across your firm. Centralise the processes, from wage payments, expense calculations, taxes etc. Everything is immediately at hand thanks to an automatic sync with accounting (and other relevant) software packages. Communicate internally and externally about your reconciliation procedures, and link documents to data at source, ensuring you always have the most recent information available.


Draw customers closer to their numbers

Set yourself apart as an accountant by giving targeted advice based on verified financial data. In essence you’ll spend less time crunching numbers and more time offering strategic business advice. Build the reports your customers want to see, and communicate about them directly.


Help your employees

Offer your colleagues and employees an intuitive and friendly tool that improves their professional life. Give everybody who is in contact with customer insight into the status of files. Improve the communication in your office and with your customers, and increase overall happiness.