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Structured Data Hub

Your secure, cloud-based home for all client data across the firm. A live link to the client data automatically keeps things up to date.

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Work faster with live client data

Silverfin pulls into a single cloud-based data hub real-time, and transaction-level, data from all your clients automatically, irrespective of which bookkeeping or non-financial system they use. More than 50 sources in fact including Sage, Xero and Quickbooks.

No more client file silos. No more out of date data or manual downloading. With all the client data held securely in Silverfin, teams can get to work.

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Data-Powered Client Advisory Services

Our Structured Data Hub is the foundation firms are building new client advisory or value-added services on too.

Looking at your entire client portfolio is easy now all your client data is in one place.

With Silverfin Insights you can interrogate Hub data to identify issues or opportunities and take action in real-time across your whole client portfolio.

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