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Data Hub

The secure cloud store for all your client data regardless of record type and bookkeeping or financial source. Everything you need in one place.

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Data Hub

"Data is the lifeblood of all professional services firms and we needed to ensure we could access and analyse our clients' data... quickly, easily and at scale."

Brian Murphy, Partner, Deloitte Ireland

All the data you need ready for you to work with

Even if your clients use multiple financial systems, Silverfin will automatically collect and standardise this data, to enable automation to make your accounting work faster, easier and better.


Live syncs with leading data sources

Connect Silverfin with leading systems like Xero, Sage and Quickbooks Online, and ensure you're always working with the latest data. No more wasted time manual importing or exporting files. No more version control issues, mistakes and repeat work. Use Silverfin as your single source of truth.

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Automated mapping for standardised data

Standardise your client data using our AI mapping tool. No need to spend hours manually mapping your client files, Silverfin can do it for you. Now you can benefit from even more automation across your templates.

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Data that is the foundation of successful automation

Common compliance work like working papers, accounts production and management reporting all need the right data. Our data hub has this ready to use and pulls what you need straight into our automated workflows. Good data is the foundation on which accounting automation is built. 

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