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Automate your workflows

Speed through your compliance and financial reporting with our best practice templates that help you standardise and automate key accounting processes.

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Core accounting made easier, faster and better

Ensure one way of working for everyone. Standardise and automate the checks, steps and actions needed to prepare and review working papers, statutory accounts and more.


Standardise working practices across the firm

Agree how you want to work as a firm or follow industry best practice. Then use Silverfin to turn this into automated workflows so every team follows the same processes. Reduce errors, risk and the time wasted correcting mistakes.

Workflows 1

Real-time data is available automatically

Say goodbye to data silos and transferring data from one system to another. Silverfin takes live client data from bookkeeping and financial systems, and automatically populates it in workflow templates. All your data then flows dynamically between different workflows so you only touch data once. You know you're always working with accurate data. 

Workflows 2

Use our off-the-shelf templates

Get started quickly using our best practice templates, and tailor them to meet your specific requirements. You can even create custom workflows for any unique internal processes your firm uses. 

Working Papers 2-1

Monitor progress on client work

Manage resources and client service with workflow progress tracking. See the current status of any client file, the tasks still outstanding, and what needs to be reconciled. Even get a portfolio or firm-wide view of all your workflows to see where service levels might be at risk.

Accounts Production 1 copy

Create client files and then review and collaborate in one platform

Collaborate where the work happens. One platform to create the file and raise questions, notes or tasks with your client or team. Anyone can pick up a client file and see instantly the full audit trail and history so you never lose context or knowledge, even when staff members change. 

Collaboration 3-2

"Technology helps our compliance offering become even more efficient, enabling us to deliver more value-added services to clients."

Pete Dearing, Partner at Smailes Goldie

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