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A cloud platform built to make accountants’ lives better

We understand the work you do because we’ve done it too. We’ve battled with Excel workarounds and macros. Spent hours manually importing and exporting files and data from one software application or client portal into another. While also trying to keep on top of an endless stream of emails from team members and clients.

That’s why we created Silverfin. We believed we could use the cloud, and our knowledge of accounting, to make your working day easier, and more enjoyable. And help you unlock new revenue streams and build on your reputation as your clients’ trusted business advisor.

So what's so great about Silverfin?

We help you make your business better now and are the foundation you can build your future on. Complete compliance, and other financial reporting faster, more efficiently and accurately no matter where the data comes from. And use our tools and technology to deliver advisory services.

Accuracy Icon Accuracy

Standardised workflows with up-to-date data means less mistakes to fix and find.

Speed Icon Speed 

Complete tasks faster and more efficiently with automated workflows. 

Collaboration Icon Collaboration

Work in the same accounting platform, and on the same files, with clients and colleagues.

Profitability Icon Profitability

Efficiency means your business does well even when there’s price pressure on compliance from your clients.

Competitiveness Icon Competitiveness

Offer your core compliance service at a great price and create new services. 

Risk Mitigation Icon Risk mitigation

Reliable data, standardised workflows and approval paths mean fewer mistakes and greater transparency.

Talent Development Icon Talent development

Less number crunching, and manual processes, keeps staff happy and liberates them to spend more time with clients delivering insight and advice.

Professional Presentation Icon Professional presentation

One click reports you personalise to your client, or your own team, branded to make all your work look professional and consistent.

Flexibility Icon Flexibility

A cloud platform means clients and accounting teams can work where and when they want and on any device.

Knowledge Retention Icon Knowledge retention

The full story of your client is within the platform. Change accountant and you don’t lose the knowledge needed to do a great job.

Customisation Icon Customisation

Use our platform to turn your own unique processes or services into standardised, automated and branded templates just for you.

Innovation Icon Innovation

The development platform you need to build new revenue from data-based advisory services.

Silverfin Structured Data Hub

The data hub is the engine of connected accounting. The single secure cloud hub for all your client data across the firm from multiple sources.

One cloud store

When all your client data is in one place, and updated automatically, nothing gets missed.


Sensitive financial data is only accessed by those that need it and is automatically backed up and protected.

Seamless live data

Live transaction-level data from more than 50 sources is imported automatically and can also be sent to other reporting systems.

Graphic - Real-time integrations

Silverfin Workflows

Work fast, efficiently and accurately through your compliance and financial reporting with our best-practice templates that automate key accounting workflows.


Get everyone in the firm working to the same best-practice process and approval paths including accounts production, working papers, corporation tax and more.


Use client data and standardised workflows to automate common tasks, saving valuable time and improving accuracy.

Build your own

If you have unique services or methods, build you own template in Sliverfin to automate them too.

Graphic - Workflow automation

Silverfin Reporting

One click reporting, publishing and online filing for compliance and other accounting workflows.

One click reporting

Complete statutory accounts, management reporting and more with just a few clicks.

Easy filing

Publish and file your reports with the relevant authorities from within Silverfin.


Ensure all your reporting looks professional and consistent with automated templates you can brand to your firm’s look and feel.

Graphic - Easy reporting

Silverfin Interact

Clients and accounting teams collaborate within the client file itself to streamline communication and approvals, share information, improve transparency and simplify governance.

Effective collaboration

Clients and their team share files, and ask and answer questions in the same accounting platform and common client file. No extra email or portals.

In context

Questions can be asked and answered directly with the element of the client file being worked on. This makes it clearer and faster to get the decision you need to progress quickly.

Paper trail

All communication, information, decisions and approvals relating to the workflow stay with the client file.

Graphic - Real-time collaboration

Silverfin Insights

The tools to interrogate and report on data at client and portfolio level to turn this into powerful insights and open up new advisory revenue streams.

View everything

Dig into all your clients’ data to identify trends across your portfolio, benchmark their business performance, and identify insights to share.

Automate alerts

Set up system alerts when clients hit key benchmarks, risk factors or compliance requirements. Use them to monitor quality control and processes. When thresholds are met your team is automatically alerted so they can take action at the right time to make a difference.

Develop new services

Develop new revenue streams from value- added client advisory services using our data, alerts, analytics and reporting capabilities.

Graphic - Client monitoring

Silverfin Service

A comprehensive range of onboarding; training; support and professional services to enable you to get the maximum value out of Silverfin.

Professional services

Our services team will support you through implementation, onboarding and future development on the platform. With our help you will become experts on Silvefin in no time.


We have a range of training we can provide so you, and your colleagues, can get to work quickly.

Customer service

We are committed to giving you the best customer experience. Each customer is assigned a Customer Success Manager. They understand accounting, and Silverfin, and are on hand to support you with advice and support when you need it.

Graphic - New advisory services

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