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The Connected Accountants 

Silverfin Masterclass series

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Calendar 36px October Wednesdays @ 9:30 am

October is all about Insights!

Join us for a series for short webinars. There's something for everyone!


Insights: Planning and Preparation - 7th of October, 9:30 am
Failing to plan is planning to fail. What should sit in Silverfin and why does it matter? Find out what steps you can take to ensure your business is primed to get the most it can out of Silverfin’s Insights capability.


Insights: The Nuts and Bolts - 14th of October, 9:30 am
Why Insights and is it for me? Discover why we love the Insight function, learn about the way it can delve into your data, and how it can create visibility across the client portfolio like never before. 


Insights: Create and Investigate - 21st of October, 9:30 am
What’s a tradesman without their tools? Learn about the advanced functionality of Insights and how to make it work with your business. Discover advanced functions such as how to plan your workflow, segment your clients, or create Triggers to automatically alert you of relevant events.


Insights: Knowledge is Power - 28th of October, 9:30 am
With great power comes great responsibility. Now that you know about the power of Insights, turn your Insights into advisory. Learn how to create value for your clients and enrich your discussions by exploring the type of questions Insights can answer, how it an identify warning signs early on or how to create opportunities for your client.


We also want to hear what you would like us to cover - so please include anything specific when you sign up!


Have you got any suggestions for our next masterclass sessions?

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