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A day in the life of a Customer Succes Manager

Hi, I’m Rob. I’ve been Customer Success Manager at Silverfin for almost 20 months and I’d love to welcome you in our team. Curious to know what the job and Silverfin have to offer? Walk with me through a typical day (or rather week).

Monday morning, let's get after it!

The CSM team starts the week with a 30 minute team meeting: a brief recap of the events of the passed week and the focus points of the coming week are on the agenda, but before we start: let’s take a minute to hear how everybody’s weekend went. Don’t hold back any of your fun anecdotes, we all love to start with a laugh to ease into the work week.


Our goal

We are customer success managers so we want to manage our customers to be successful users of our product. We all have our own accounts, but we’re pulling as a team towards the same goal. As a company we’re in a challenging and exciting phase: the product is expanding and evolving day by day, and it’s up to us to keep our users up to speed. That means we’re actively monitoring our clients, depending on their needs, we take on different roles.

We’re the onboarders, so we introduce and guide clients taking their first Silverfin steps by giving training and workshops. Throughout our customers’ life cycle, you’ll find yourself being more of a coach, helping them with very practical questions and getting interesting insights on the role of Silverfin in the accounting business. That variation keeps it very fresh.


At Risk Coffee

Every Wednesday after lunch, we’ll have another very brief meeting called At Risk Coffee. We go over customers struggling to successfully take off or use Silverfin to the max. We’re keeping each other informed with updates on at risk clients and help each other come up with action plans to get those clients fully on board.


First line duty

Our team is called Customer Success, which implies we want to proactively manage our customers and keep them involved, informed and interested. That’s always the main focus so we spend most time on keeping engaged.

But the nature of the Silverfin platform, being a tool used in the daily activities of accounting firms, also requires live support for our users. We work with a live chat: every day 2 CSM’s are on “First Line duty”, meaning we’re answering all incoming requests from our users. We are the “Silverfin specialists”, but it’s impossible to solve every issue by yourself. We rely on our Pro Team and our Developers to help solve technical issues.

First line support means helping accountants to do their day to day job and they’re very thankful towards our service. In this client communication, every CSM likes to use their own personal style.


The 'Week end'

And just like that it’s Friday afternoon. That time of the week when the weekend’s tickling at everyone’s toes. We like to close our week with zero open tickets in our First Line chat, so the final hour(s) of the week we all join together as a team to Go For Zero.This highlights the team spirit we have and it’s rewarding to see that big fat zero appear just before the weekend.


Oh and just to make it a little extra pleasant and get the weekend vibe going, we usually get ourselves a drink while going for zero. We used to have a great intern going round the office with some beers and bubbles. He’s back in school now, will you be our new Friday butler?


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