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Are you a teacher? Let’s partner up!

You can upgrade your classes and teach your students how to stay ahead of the pack and get connected in the accounting industry.

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We developed a custom school program that you can join.


Guest Lecture

  • Understand the importance of technology as an accountant
  • Explain what silverfin has to offer
  • Gain knowledge about how certain tasks can be improved
  • Familiar with accounting software
  • Followed a course of corporate tax
  • Fully devoted attention

At the end of the guest lecture students will have knowledge about why technology is important for accountants and why Silverfin is the right tool for them.


We will give a real life product demo showing the potential of the platform and how this has impact on you as an accountant.

Business project

  • Gain practical experience to be applied in the industry
  • Our guidance in completing a Silverfin task
  • Learn about Connected Accounting
  • Followed a guest lecture
  • Familiar with accounting software
  • Followed a course of corporate tax
Silverfin use cases
  • Exact, Yuki, Venice or any other bookkeeping software
  • Custom made business project by Silverfin.

At the end of the business project students will be able to use our platform and learn about why technology is important for Accountants.

Become a certified user



Upon completion of a business project integrated with Silverfin, students will become a Silver Go.


To become a real Silver Hero, students can finish the final exam at the Silverfin University! After graduation, students will receive a certificate to show they can actually work with Silverfin.

Want to get technical?


The combination of being an accountant and having IT skills could make you a Silver Pro.


A Silver Pro is one that is found of technical implementations of financial processes in Silverfin and would love to do some basic programming.

Stay ahead of the pack!

“Voor de studenten werd meteen duidelijk dat Silverfin dé tool voor financiële dienstverlening is en een ideale introductie is voor hun drie maanden durende stage.”

"In het business project hebben onze studenten de uitgebreide mogelijkheden van deze tool leren ontdekken."

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