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Technology Trends in Accounting 2021 Research Report
Discover the progress accountancy firms have made in their business and client service transformation, and what impact the pandemic has had on their use of technology.

Streamline compliance and financial reporting. Power your advisory services.

Silverfin is the accounting platform forward-thinking firms like yours are building their cloud accounting strategy on.

We call them the connected accountants.

The four sights of the connected accountant

Silverfin unlocks four capabilities the connected accountant needs to succeed in the new rules of accounting. The more of these sights you have, the more connected you are.


With all your client data in one secure location you can see everything. Nothing goes unnoticed. Automatic updates from your clients’ systems also mean you know it’s up to date. 

Silverfin doesn’t care where the data comes from and integrates with all your clients’ accounting and finance systems. It even takes data from those paper files some of your clients still rely on when you’ve digitised them. No more awkward conversations with clients asking them to swap tools to work with your preferred system.  

Our cloud platform means you know you are working from the single version of the truth you share with the client. Armed with this reliable data you can confidently move on to completing your accounting workflows, reporting and analysis.

Graphic - Data consolidation
Graphic - Data standardisation
Graphic - Fullsight - realtime integrations
Data consolidation

Bring all your clients’ data into one secure cloud data hub. No more data silos. No more out-of-date numbers or time-consuming manual downloading.

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Data standardisation

Simplify your work by having all client data stored in a standard, and uniform chart of accounts, no matter how it was presented in the original data source.

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Real-time integrations

Have the latest data available automatically when you need it. Seamless integrations with leading bookkeeping software, and other data sources, mean no need to manually import or export data or ask clients to change their system.

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Our standardised and automated compliance, and financial reporting, means completing common accounting workflows can take just hours, not days. Core tasks like producing working papers, monthly closing, statutory accounts, management accounts, tax, and more, are quick, accurate and painless. And because Silverfin uses real-time data updated automatically from client systems, you and your client have complete confidence that the figures tell the full and accurate picture. 

Graphic - Workflow automation
Graphic - Real-time collaboration
Graphic - Easy reporting
Workflow automation

Use our templates to standardise and automate accounting and compliance workflows across your firm in the cloud. Get more done, faster. No more complex Excel macros. No more jumping in and out of different systems.

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Real-time collaboration

All client and team communication, files and data is shared on the same financial platform and kept with the client file to give it the context and paper trail you need.

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Easy reporting

Get a wide range of visually appealing financial reports that pull directly from the data hub at the click of a button. Brand our best-practice templates or develop your own.

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The new rules of accounting say that the numbers and reporting are just the start. Clients want insight, advice and to benefit from your business intelligence. Silverfin gives you the tools to look at the meaning behind the numbers. It gives you what you need to put yourself in the perfect position to offer clients the strategic planning and financial modelling they want and need.

Silverfin can automatically alert you to events that will give you the perfect opportunity to contact clients directly when immediate action will have most impact. It will also enable you to look across your entire portfolio to see the trends impacting multiple clients to identify risk factors, monitor quality and discover opportunities to help, and offer additional services, just when they are needed.

Graphic - Client benchmarking
Graphic - Analysis
Graphic - Client portals
Client benchmarking

Identify trends in the data, as they happen, across your client portfolio. Unlock timely opportunities to give advice or offer new services to clients when they need it most.

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With up-to-date financial data available on-demand you can produce deeper analytical insights. Demonstrate your value by telling your clients something they don’t already know.

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Client portals

Give clients immediate access to the key financial information and advice they need to take effective, data-driven business decisions. A dedicated portal keeps all communication in one convenient, secure place.

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Connected accounting isn’t just about connecting data with automated workflows, your teams and your clients. It’s also about connecting you more deeply with your clients’ businesses and building your status as their most trusted advisor.

Use Silverfin to improve the quality of your existing advisory services and unlock new services and revenue streams in the future.

Graphic - Client monitoring
Graphic - Real-time activation
Graphic - New advisory services
Client monitoring

Create automated alerts across your whole client portfolio to monitor risks or tell you when clients reach key events that need action. Always be the first to know – and ready to act.

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Real-time activation

When alerts are activated, immediately notify your team to take action or inform other management systems. Have the data you need to make a difference to your clients when it really matters.

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New advisory services

Open up revenue from new client advisory services developed on our platform and using our data, alerts, analytics, workflow, collaboration and reporting capabilities.

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Silverfin’s powerful capabilities to transform the way you work

Hub 48px Silverfin Structured Data Hub

The single secure cloud hub for all your client data.

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Workflows 24px Silverfin Workflows

Best practice templates that standardise and automate key accounting workflows.

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Document 24px Silverfin Reporting

One click reporting, publishing and filing for compliance and other accounting workflows.

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Communications 48px Silverfin Interact

Clients and accounting teams collaborate within the context of the client file to streamline communication and approvals, share information and simplify governance.

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Metrics 48px Silverfin Insights

Tools to interrogate data at client and portfolio level, and analytics and reporting to turn data into powerful advice.

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User Onboarding 36px Silverfin Service

A comprehensive range of onboarding; training; support and professional services to enable you to get the most out of Silverfin.

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"It's a liberation to have everything digital, at all times, to be able to consult on everything anywhere."

Valérie Rivière, Senior Manager of Accountancy & Business Process Solutions

"From data analysis to client communication. The connected accounting approach really helps us to offer a tailored service to our clients." 

Frederik Falepijn, Partner at Deloitte Belgium

"We want to maintain a personal service, offering high-quality services to our clients and allowing technology to enable that."

Jim Brown, Managing Partner at Blick Rothenberg

"With historic and live data we can spot trends, respond faster and be strategic in our advice to clients."

Pete Dearing, Partner at Smailes Goldie Group

“The role of the accountant is changing. We need to become a ‘trusted advisor’ for our clients, and provide them with proactive and data-driven insights."

Charlotte Pille, Partner at VGD

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