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Accounts Production

Make completing year-end accounts easy and fast with our best practice templates. Automate the preparation of financial statements using data pre-populated from your working papers.

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Accounts Production

Better financial statements created faster

Complete year-end accounts faster with our automated and standardised templates. Live data from your clients' bookkeeping systems automatically flows into your financial statements. If the working papers or source data changes your client file is updated automatically too. Reduce mistakes, risk and repeat work. Have everyone in the firm working exactly the same way and faster.


Make compliance work easy

Create financial statements for a wide range of client types and legal entities, including limited companies (FRS102, FRS102 1A and FRS105), unincorporated sole traders, partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships. Plus save hours with features like roll-forward and automatic iXBRL tagging.

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Collaborate efficiently

Use our integrated review and communications panel to collaborate efficiently with colleagues. Export and share files with your clients via our Pulse portal. Then send to Companies House at the click of a button. 

Accounts Production 2

Fully integrated

Say goodbye to re-keying or manually moving data. Your accounts production templates are automatically updated with data from your client’s bookkeeping system, your digital working papers, and even Companies House. Save time and improve accuracy. 

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"We’ve also unlocked a massive amount of process efficiency through integrating technology and, ultimately, reduced human effort."

Alastair Barlow, Founder and Chief Dreamer


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