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Technology Trends in Accounting 2021 Research Report
Discover the progress accountancy firms have made in their business and client service transformation, and what impact the pandemic has had on their use of technology.

Bofidi uses technology to enable employees and support customers

Thomas Struyf
Written by: Thomas Struyf

For entrepreneurs and business managers, no two days are the same. Day in, day out they are challenged by the complex issues facing their company, fluctuations in the economic climate and changes to the current regulations. At Bofidi, they know this only too well. That is why they want to support entrepreneurs and businesses as well as they can to handle all of these challenges in the best way possible. With offices in Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Brabant and the Campine, Bofidi strives to be the game changer that companies can always rely on.

“We want to help companies grow in a complex and challenging economic climate and we try to do that by making sure running a business is simple, attractive and challenging,” explains Johan Peeters, CEO of Bofidi.

To turn that mission into a reality, they have decided to go fully digital. They opted to work with Silverfin because the platform offers everything they needed, including new reporting and financial statements as well as a firm foundation for client files. Thanks to Silverfin, they can also work in a more structured and efficient way. This means Bofidi is no longer tied to a specific office, or even a particular employee, for processing client files. Everything can be completed independent of the person or location. Moreover, they can still deliver the output in the same way regardless of the clients' software.

From the perspective of the Bofidi employees, Silverfin essentially offers three main advantages. “The big advantage of Silverfin is that you can find all the information about a client in one place,” says Kira Lataire, accountancy manager. “You also make fewer mistakes, which saves you time,” adds advisor, Ward De Vliegher.

These three advantages are Silverfin’s fundamental strength, but what may be even more important than those three selling points, are the added benefits that follow. Bofidi’s advisors can increasingly spend the time saved by using Silverfin on the second aspect of the service they provide: tailored advice.

Working in real-time offers benefits

Kira Lataire is convinced that working in real-time is the way forward. “It is useful to work together with colleagues and be able to anticipate unresolved issues,” she says. She also finds it useful that customers can log into Silverfin and directly work with all their financial data in real-time.

Bofidi advises other offices wanting to take the step towards digitalisation not to rush in head first. Johan Peeters stresses that you should “take it step by step, and put your clients and employees first. The technology is there to support them.” Ward De Vliegher adds: “Think carefully about how you want to use the technology and get your employees and clients involved in the process.”

Creating a good foundation and a well-considered implementation process are crucial for the project’s success. Once the switch has been made, you will reap the benefits of this new way of working. Because, as Ward concludes, “The software offers many opportunities to resolve common problems.”

Would you like to hear more about what Bofidi employees think of Silverfin? You can watch the full video below.