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Technology Trends in Accounting 2021 Research Report
Discover the progress accountancy firms have made in their business and client service transformation, and what impact the pandemic has had on their use of technology.

Being number 1 is great but there is always much more work to do

Joris Van Der Gucht
Written by: Joris Van Der Gucht

It was exciting to find out this week we’ve been ranked number 1 in Deloitte Belgium’s annual ranking of the country’s fastest growing fintech companies - the Technology Fast 50.

This is our second year at the top of the ranking. It’s exciting of course. It’s also a time for us to celebrate how far we have come with our colleagues, customers and partners but it also reminds us how much opportunity and work is out in front of us.

Tim and I founded the business with a simple goal in mind. To help accountants transform how they run their business and their client service through the use of technology. Now we have over 650 customers around the world. But there are many more firms and countries we are yet to help.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank every customer, partner and of course employee (past and present) that has played their part in helping us achieve this landmark. We will take a moment or three to celebrate this achievement before all getting back to the task in hand - developing the best cloud platform for accountants. A platform that enables them to be a number 1 success.

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