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Introducing the Silverfin Assistant

Ken Bastiaensen
Written by: Ken Bastiaensen

We’re excited to announce how we're putting AI at the heart of Silverfin.

Since last September when Silverfin acquired Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm Boltzmann and its impressive Ludwig Assistant, we’ve been working on embedding AI technology into our platform.  We already have a large number of customers using Ludwig Assistant for Silverfin and have ambitious plans to go much further.

We set up a dedicated AI team with a mission to give accountancy firms easy access to the benefits of this technology. Too many solutions out there require specialist skills, extensive customisation, or setup time. We’ve made it an out-the-box solution. 

Today we’re announcing the launch of our new Silverfin Assistant, which offers two AI-powered modules:

Standardisation Assistant

This takes the pain out of mapping your bookkeeping ledgers to a standard chart of accounts, completing this work in just a matter of minutes. This initial step allows for a smooth and - where possible - automated process of your work in Silverfin. It also includes some basic data hygiene checks, to make sure that you are working with complete and accurate data to start with.

Working Papers Assistant

This module goes even further and performs a fully automated review of your client files to spot unexpected values in balances, transactions, reconciliations etc. Not only for data quality and time savings, but also to identify opportunities for client advisory.  

Using AI in Silverfin is another example of how we're making the life of an accountant easier.  Time-intensive and repetitive tasks can be completed quicker. This means accountants can spend more time on more profitable, and let’s face it, more interesting activities - like advising clients. 

The rollout of our AI products will be phased across different countries.  

In Belgium, the full Silverfin Assistant is available from today.  In the UK, we'll shortly begin rolling out the Standardisation Assistant and then start working with select customers to develop the Working Papers Assistant, based on our success in Belgium. And, later this year, we’ll be launching the Standardisation Assistant in the Netherlands too. 

And that's not all.  There is lots of other AI development going on too.  As we combine the Silverfin Assistant deeper within our Insights module, we’ll give users advanced tools that will enable them to provide proactive advisory work. These are exciting times and we’re only just scratching the surface of the potential that AI can bring to accountancy. More to come very soon.

Ken Bastiaensen
The AI Team

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