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Tax accountants are struggling with challenges our technology can fix. Corporation tax is one. See how our cloud platform automates corporation tax work.

We help KPMG to streamline financial reporting

We help KPMG to streamline financial reporting

KPMG to use Silverfin to streamline financial reporting and create a central client data hub to support their team and the delivery of client advisory services.


Silverfin is pleased to announce our partnership with KPMG Belgium to provide their team with access to our cloud service for powerful financial reporting, collaboration and a centralised client data hub 

that will support them in the delivery and development of valuable client advisory services.

KPMG combines a multi-disciplinary approach with practical industry knowledge to help clients respond to opportunities. The firm is committed  to making a long-term difference to its clients. To make this possible it invests in its team to ensure everyone has access to the tools, data, knowledge and skills they need to be effective.

René Philips, head of Tax & Legal at KPMG said: “To provide a top-class service to our clients we must have access to up to date information and be able to learn from the collective experience and knowledge of the many excellent team members that make up KPMG. With Silverfin, we have the opportunity to harness their knowledge, enable collaboration and consolidate client data across our firm into  one powerful data-hub. With Silverfin we will drive greater efficiency and consistency in how we work across the firm and, importantly, use it to power our advisory services. Silverfin will be a key tool for our team as they identify ways we can help our clients to succeed.”


Silverfin, the connected accounting platform

Silverfin is the cloud service for powerful financial reporting developed by accountants for accountants. Best practice templates automate accountancy processes and reports using transaction data imported automatically from bookkeeping software. It enables better collaboration and eliminates document portals, Excel files or email. It’s the single source of truth for live and historical financial data making it the ideal platform to build advisory services on. Silverfin calls this Connected Accounting.

Find out more about Silverfin at silverfin.com