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Silverfin appoints technology veteran Niklas Savander as Chairman

Joris Van Der Gucht
Written by: Joris Van Der Gucht

It’s been a busy month for Silverfin as we continue to build out our leadership team. First we announced our CCO Natalie Lamb and now we’re delighted to welcome technology industry veteran, Niklas Savander to our board as Chairman. Niklas is a highly experienced technology leader, and innovator, who has worked with large multinationals and many scale-up businesses like our own.

Niklas has spent over 20 years in the technology industry in various senior roles including being COO of Nokia. After his Hewlett-Packard and Nokia careers he branched out into healthcare as President and CEO of Elekta - a world-leading cancer care and software company.

Now he’s a highly experienced Chairman and currently works with Cint AB, EasyPark ASA, Evondos Oy and Zervant Oy. In addition he is Chairman and Board member of a number of non-profit foundations in his native Finland.

We have come a long way as a business already but there’s so much opportunity ahead for us as we progress with our mission to support the transformation of the accounting sector through technology. Niklas’ experience of scaling SaaS and technology businesses like ours will prove invaluable as we look to grasp the many opportunities in front of us.