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Silverfin joins forces with accounting tech specialist IBGraf group in Luxembourg

Thomas Struyf
Written by: Thomas Struyf

Silverfin is a leading cloud platform for accounting firms and today it announced an expansion of its international reach to include the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a new partnership with IBGraf group to serve customers there.

Olivier Constant, VP Sales Global at Silverfin, explains that: "Silverfin works with many leading players in accounting to serve the technology needs of firms around the world. We are delighted to be working with IBGraf and to bring the benefits of our cloud accounting platform to firms in Luxembourg.”

IBGraf: a one-stop-shop for accountancy software

IBGraf group was founded in 1982 and is active in accounting and management software. The company concentrates its efforts on Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium, and Luxembourg. With 2000 clients in all types of industries, 500 in accountancy, IBGraf has unrivalled knowledge of the market. In the last five years the company has been focusing on the accountancy profession, making them a perfect match to work with Silverfin.

Matthieu Moor, Sales & Marketing Director at IBGraf: “We pride ourselves on being the one-stop shop for accountancy firms looking for the best technology. We want to help them with their digital transformation and bring together into a single solution the different building blocks they need for success. We already had a portfolio of pre-accounting and accounting solutions and now with Silverfin we have added the best post-accounting platform to give customers a complete solution to all their needs.”

Luxembourg’s shift to digital makes this the right time

The partnership between the companies might be new but the connection isn’t as they share a number of customers and an enthusiasm about the potential of the platform. “Silverfin has revolutionised post-accounting processing within the profession, streamlining what is historically a heavy and time-consuming burden during the closing and control processes specifically,” says Matthieu Moor. “Silverfin has ensured it integrates effectively with leading accounting production software and management solutions, several of which are already partners of IBGraf too.”

Olivier Constant, Silverfin: “This is the perfect time for us to be working together in Luxembourg. Changes in tax legislation and a growing enthusiasm for technology and digital transformation mean there is a lot of opportunity in this market. IBGraf is an ideal partner for us here with its knowledge and expertise in accounting.”

Dedicated accounting workflows for Luxembourg

“With the growing demand for post-accounting software, we are looking forward to enabling accounting firms in Luxembourg to consolidate their client data into a single data hub and use that data with our workflow templates to streamline their common accounting work. Our platform supports firms looking to automate their compliance reporting and spend more time on advisory services. We are excited about the opportunity to support Luxembourg firms in their digital transformation.” concludes Olivier Constant.

At the same time as announcing this partnership, Silverfin has also released a dedicated set of working papers templates on its platform specifically tailored to Luxembourg legislation and there will be more developments in the coming months.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about how Silverfin and IBGraf can help your firm in Luxembourg.