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Silverfin welcomes Lisa Miles-Heal as new CEO

Stuart Handley
Written by: Stuart Handley

Business invests in its leadership team ahead of future global growth ambitions

Ghent, Belgium 26th April 2022: Silverfin, a leading cloud platform for accountants, today welcomes Lisa Miles-Heal as the new CEO for the business. 
Founded in 2013 in Ghent, Belgium, Silverfin now has offices here and in London, UK and Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company has more than 700 leading accounting firms as customers in 13 countries globally. Silverfin’s cloud platform enables accountants to improve efficiency, competitiveness and profitability in compliance and reporting services, and powers the development and delivery of new advisory services.  
This appointment is a key part of Silverfin’s work to strengthen its executive team in recent years in support of its significant global growth ambitions.
Co-founders of Silverfin, Joris Van Der Gucht and Tim Vandecasteele, alongside the Board of Directors, led a search for a new CEO with the specific aim to bring in external, global leadership experience to the business.  
Following the appointment, Joris and Tim will remain at the business in key operational roles and as directors on the Board, and will work closely with Lisa as the business continues to rapidly evolve. 
Niklas Savander, Chair at Silverfin, commented: “Silverfin enjoys a very strong position in our sector, with great technology, a successful history and an exceptionally bright future ahead. As we move to the next stage in our growth, we’re delighted to bring in further expertise to strengthen the leadership team and help navigate the business through this next ambitious phase. Lisa’s strong global credentials in leading software businesses, as well as a proven cultural fit, makes for a compelling combination to drive the business forward.”  
He continues: “Lisa brings to Silverfin experience from a long career in the software-industry, with a history of leading growth and transformation in scaling SaaS businesses and building them into global organisations, most recently as COO at Unleashed Software.”  
Lisa Miles-Heal, CEO of Silverfin, said: “I have been overwhelmingly impressed with what I’ve seen at Silverfin. Joris and Tim’s experience and hard work has built incredibly strong foundations, great technology and a very successful business. I aim to bring a fresh perspective into the mix which, alongside this experience and knowledge of the team, will create a powerful combination to propel Silverfin to even greater success.” 
Joris Van Der Gucht, co-founder of Silverfin, said: “Tim and I are so proud of what everyone has achieved at Silverfin. It has been the honour of our lives, taking the business from a small, two-person start-up to a global, leading technology company in accounting. Most importantly the business has developed a truly tremendous group of people that together really define what Silverfin is, and what Silverfin will become.” 
Tim Vandecasteele, co-founder of Silverfin, said: “I couldn’t be happier with Lisa as our new CEO. When we first got to know each other, I was immediately impressed by her quick understanding of our business and her insight into how we can exploit the opportunities in front of us. When we were talking about the skills and characteristics of the perfect Silverfin CEO her name came up immediately, so it was only natural to include her in the process. I’m excited to see what we can all achieve together with her onboard.” 

About Silverfin: 
Silverfin is the cloud platform that makes accountants successful. It improves the efficiency, competitiveness and profitability of compliance services, and powers the development and delivery of advisory services. 
Silverfin takes financial data directly from client systems and hosts it securely in a single cloud Structured Data Hub. Templates then standardise, and automate, accounting workflows and use the data hub to make compliance easy, fast, and accurate. 
But that’s only half the story. Leading firms use Silverfin to power their advisory services too. Looking at data and trends, right across the client portfolio is easy and automatic alerts warn of risks or identify opportunities to give advice, or sell additional services. 
For further details, please visit the Silverfin website: www.silverfin.com