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Join us this year for a fast-paced 2.5 hour live online show exploring the future of accounting, business and technology with expert speakers

Make it easy to give expert advice just when your clients need it

Learn how to use technology and financial data to unlock valuable advisory services.

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Working papers made easy

Discover how the right technology automates the creation of working papers making it easy, fast and accurate.

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Providing business continuity with Silverfin’s cloud platform

How Silverfin is helping one firm remain productive and operational during lockdown, and be in a position to offer valuable advice to clients when they need it most.

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Product Information

New COVID-19 planning templates and communication features to support customers and their clients

In a few short weeks the world has changed so much - every part of our lives feels different. We are seeing a lot of change in the needs of our accounting customers, and their...

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4 steps to take for a successful digital transformation of your accounting firm.

Digital and cloud technology has changed bookkeeping forever by automating and simplifying financial tasks. Accounting is undergoing the same transformation through technology.

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