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3 key takeaways from our recent AI webinar

Andy Perrin
Written by: Andy Perrin

We recently hosted a webinar showcasing Silverfin Assistant, our new AI-powered Copilot for accountancy firms. 

The product has just launched in the UK, but was already used by over 100 firms in Belgium.  The Assistant’s role is to help spot outliers, missing transactions and opportunities in client data.  

Our webinar was a chance to show how this new technology can help firms save time and upskill staff in the process. But we also wanted to take the opportunity to ‘ask the audience’ in order to gauge how accountants on the ground are feeling about AI.  

So what did we learn?

Most firms have made a start with the technology

It’s clear there’s a lot of due diligence underway.  Over half the attendees told us they were researching and evaluating AI-powered solutions.  

And interestingly almost 20% had already implemented AI in some way or other.

Q1 AI journey

How can we help? To help firms in their evaluation of AI options, we put together this interactive walkthrough here, and offer a live demo with one of our experts. There’s nothing like seeing the technology up close. 

Trust is key to the success of AI

Q2 concerns

No surprise that security and privacy are top of mind. It’s one of the first things we’re asked about when firms are evaluating our AI technology.  How safe is my data and where does it go?  

How can we help?  Transparency is essential if firms are to trust new technology.  With Silverfin Assistant it’s like having your own dedicated AI solution. It uses only your client data, and this data is not shared with anyone else.  The data remains within our cloud platform, hosted in secure data centres in the EU and protected by a robust set of controls and security technologies. 

Manually checking data takes way too much time 

Q3 pain point

It’s clear accountants want to work smarter. And if AI can help reduce the amount of time spent manually scouring through data then it will be welcomed with open arms.  

Firms are under increasing capacity pressure, thanks to a double whammy of compliance getting more burdensome and trained staff being harder to find.  It’s no wonder getting more value from existing team members seems like a quick win. 

How can we help?   The assistant automates data checking. Using machine learning and AI algorithms, it analyses client files in the background to spot the things that might get missed, either through lack of knowledge, or lack of time. 

Rosie Cooper
It’s going to be an invaluable tool for our trainees, and help them learn and develop quicker.  For managers, it's going to help that review time… and any tool like this is going to save people time, which is the biggest challenge at the minute."
Rosie Cooper, Director - Cloud Accounting at PM+M

If you’d like to find out how the Silverfin Assistant can help you boost efficiency, save time and enhance your client service delivery, please get in touch.