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Technology Trends in Accounting 2021 Research Report
Discover the progress accountancy firms have made in their business and client service transformation, and what impact the pandemic has had on their use of technology.

Silverfin Sales Development
Talent Programme

Are you looking for the opportunity to fast track your career?

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are the backbone of sales for every successful SaaS company. Working as an SDR in a company like ours will skyrocket your career. And not just in sales.

You will grow fast with Silverfin and with our support you'll be given a lot of responsibility and opportunity. We are growing fast and our SDRs have gone on to great things - building their careers in sales as account executives or in customer success, marketing and other parts of the company.

Our Sales Talent Programme offers you the chance to build your sales skills and put your commercial instincts to the test. It provides you with the time, training and structure you need to hone your skills and learn from inspiring mentors and coaches.

Join our ambitious international SDR team and we'll give you the support you need to succeed - regular sales training, SDR bootcamps, team building workshops and more.

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What makes a great SDR?

As a sales development representative you'll be an ambassador for our company with future customers. That means you're often the very first person they speak to about Silverfin and our technology.

After completing our top-class onboarding programme, you'll be building and driving lead generation mostly through outbound prospecting. You'll use a combination of product knowledge, your new sales skills, and initiative, to discover accountants' needs and to set up new opportunities for our team of sales Account Executives and Managers.

We're looking for energetic, self-motivated and entrepreneurial people to join us and help us build the company.

So are you ready? To be successful you'll need to be:

User Onboarding 24px A people person
reward alternate 48px Looking for uncapped earning potential
Inspiring 48px A fast learner
Fun 36px Self-motivated
Accuracy 36px Target driven
Secure 36px Confident
Activation 36px Resilient
Customize  36px Looking for a challenge
Chart 24px Looking for fast career progression

Our Talent Programme

A key benefit of working at Silverfin is the proactive approach we take to support your skills development and personal progression. Our Talent Programme was developed to help you become a top performer.


Phase 1: Kick-Off


Onboarding. Learning. Connecting.

  • Onboarding programme: learn quickly everything you need to start making an impact at the company. 
  • Training: develop your core skills with organised training.
  • Connect with the team: become part of the team and learn from your colleagues.
  • Learning phase: everyone needs time to gain knowledge about their new company and its products. You'll get the time and support you need to build that understanding.
  • Know what's expected of you and what to expect of Silverfin: we'll be very clear with you what your goals and initial objectives are.
SDR_Recruitment_PHASE 1

Phase 2: Getting to grips with the role

Performing successfully as an SDR and meeting your targets.

  • Continuous feedback: your manager will set clear goals and you'll discuss progress regularly. You'll also get direct feedback to help you develop your skills.
  • Success with prospects: as you learn outbound sales skills, we'll check in regularly to coach you on your approach and how you can be more successful. Phone call reviews. Social selling advice. Everything you need for successful prospecting.
  • Learning actions with a strong focus on sales: you'll get plenty of training support and the focus here is on what will make you more successful in sales.
  • Performance: you'll have your targets and we'll work with you to help you hit them. 
  • Bootcamp: spend focused time with your colleagues improving your skills and learning from their experiences in our regular bootcamps.
SDR_Recruitment_PHASE 2

Phase 3: Master your sales skills and achieve your goals

Be successful and independent in the SDR role and consistently hit your targets.

  • Maintain your learning: you may now be working much more independently but the learning opportunities don't stop. We'll continue your skills development in formal training and through coaching.
  • Continuous feedback: your coaching doesn't stop once you have been with Silverfin for a few months. We'll continue to support you with regular performance feedback.
  • Bootcamps, workshops and training: all our team get together every six months for formal and informal training; skills bootcamps, and for the chance to share experiences in a fun environment.
SDR_Recruitment_PHASE 3

Phase 4: Beyond SDR

Do well and your exceptional performance creates new career opportunities in Silverfin.

  • Individual Development Program (IDP): everyone has a plan they are working towards so you know what is required to make the next step in your career.
  • Apply internally: we always look first at our current team when new opportunities are created and encourage people to apply. We have a clear application and selection process for internal candidates.
SDR_Recruitment_PHASE 4

It all started with two founders and a big idea...

The connected accounting cloud platform created by experienced accountants and software experts.

These are exciting times for accountants. Technology has changed bookkeeping forever. While bookkeeping has been transformed the day-to-day life of the accountant has yet to see the same change. Until now.


"I absolutely loved being an SDR. I then became the SDR Team Lead and now work in the Sales Enablement team to help train and onboard the entire commercial organisation.

At Silverfin, it's all about proving yourself and working your way up. Communication is key."

Elie Daverio, SDR to Sales Enablement Executive

“I’m so happy to be a Customer Success Manager just a year and a half after being an SDR. I made it clear to my manager that I wanted to stick to a sales type role but being a CSM is more indirect. It’s all about perseverance, patience and waiting for the right opportunity.”

Linda Tilkin, SDR to Customer Success Manager

"Being an SDR taught me a lot. From tenacity to dealing with objections, and the most fun part - consultative selling, advising potential clients how to solve their business problems with our technology. 

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and work on some side projects on topics that interest you as well. It's all about taking initiative and being proactive with what you want your future at Silverfin to look like."

Roxanne Taku, SDR to Strategic Business Associate

"Being an SDR has strengthened my core values of being persistent and thinking outside the box when it comes to sharing the Silverfin story.

My advice to anyone is always continue to develop yourself whether that is honing soft skills or learning more about the product or industry."

James Coll, SDR to Solutions Engineer

Apply or refer a friend

We'd love to hear from you if Silverfin sounds like the perfect place for you and your career. We'd also welcome any referrals if you know someone else that would be a great fit. So apply today. 


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