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Technology Trends in Accounting 2021 Research Report
Discover the progress accountancy firms have made in their business and client service transformation, and what impact the pandemic has had on their use of technology.

Security at Silverfin

Everybody at Silverfin takes security very seriously. Our customers' data is our main concern. That's only natural: every person and team using Silverfin expects their data to be protected and secure. We understand how important it is to our customers to keep their data safe, and we are proud of our ISO certification that guarantees we meet industry standards regarding safety.

Silverfin is ISO 27001 Certified

The ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards helps organisations keep information assets secure.

Using this standard helps our organisation manage the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details and information entrusted to us by third parties. Our specific ISO 27001 (Information technology, Security techniques and Information security management systems) certification specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system within the context of the organisation. View our ISO/IEC 27001 certificate here.

1. Data

All of our data is backed up every minute, with a standby failover. We make sure the data is immediately written to multiple servers. Furthermore, there are daily backups made, which are stored in multiple locations. Your uploaded data is stored on servers that use advanced technology to avoid errors. Silverfin operates on a dedicated network that is carefully protected by firewalls and monitored at all times.


We send all data encrypted over HTTPS. Data that is being sent between you and us is always sent using HTTPS, and everything is fully encrypted. This level of data security is also used by banks.

3. Updates

We closely monitor security updates, so you don't have to. And as soon as fixes are avalable, we install the updates. This way, the latest security patches are always used in our software infrastructure.

4. Status pages

You can always check the current status of Silverfin here: status.getsilverfin.com. That way, you can easily see if all systems are working correctly, if any planned maintenance work is taking place, or if anything out of the ordinary is happening.