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Our online assessment tool will show you where your technology strategy is doing well and where there's room for improvement.

We’ll then work with you to share advice on what to do next on your path to success as a connected accountant.

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How well is your firm using technology today to make common accounting workflows easier, faster, and more profitable? How is your technology strategy supporting a move to advisory? And are you lagging behind your competitors?


Our recent industry research showed how accounting firms are using technology in their day-to-day work. From data consolidation to client collaboration, we’ve created a fascinating snapshot of accounting today.


While some firms are stuck in the past, others are playing by the new rules of accounting – using cloud technology to automate, standardise, and unlock new advisory revenue streams. These are the connected accountants who are defining the future.

What are the new rules of accounting?

Learn about connected accounting, the four sights you need for success, and how this will benefit your accounting firm.

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Explore the tools and technology we can give you to be successful in the future of accounting.

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