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Terms of Use: Silverfin

These Silverfin Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”) describe the terms and conditions pursuant to which the customer can use the Silverfin Service and all related services provided by Silverfin NV, a limited liability company with registered office at Gaston Crommenlaan 12, 9050 Gent, registered with the Crossroads Database for Enterprises under number VAT BE 0524.802.662 (“Silverfin”). The parties may individually be referred to as a “Party” or jointly as the “Parties”.



    1. The use of the Service and other services rendered by Silverfin shall be governed by the Agreement. The general terms and conditions of the Customers are not applicable and are therefore explicitly excluded, even if such general terms and conditions would contain a similar clause.

    2. Prior to registration or login in to the Services, the Customers have been informed of these Terms of Use and have accepted all provisions thereof. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon in writing between the Parties, the Customer acknowledges that by accessing the Platform, he accepts these Terms of Use.

    3. Article 12 provides for the definitions that apply to these Terms of Use.


As a customer of Silverfin, certain sets of personal information are being processed by Silverfin to be able to serve you as a customer (for administrative, financial or technical support related purposes). Unless you have explicitly consented to the processing of such personal information for other purposes than the providing by Silverfin of services to you, your personal information (and those of your relevant employees) will be processed solely for that purpose.


By uploading data on or otherwise entering data into the Silverfin platform, personal information will be processed through the Silverfin Platform. The uploaded data may contain, besides pure financial data, also names, account details and contact details. Pursuant to the GDPR it is clear that information linked to legal entities is not to be considered personal information, but your Silverfin account will include details that identify natural persons (e.g. telephone numbers, account details,…). For such personal information you, or your customer, will be considered the data controller, and Silverfin will be considered a data (sub-) processor. As a data controller, you or your customer must ascertain that it has complied with its obligations under the GDPR before passing personal information to Silverfin for processing or before uploading it on the Silverfin platform. In addition, you or your customer are to provide lawful instructions to Silverfin as its data processor with regard to specific compliance steps that it wishes to carry out or be carried out on its behalf in relation to Personal Data which is processed through the Silverfin platform.


We have implemented a new Privacy Policy describing in detail all relevant information on the processing of personal information by Silverfin, both in its capacity as data controller and as data processor informing you, together with all data subjects how we threat, process and protect your personal information in a clear, concise and transparent manner. The Privacy Policy also describes in detail how any data subject can exercise its rights in relation to its personal information processed by Silverfin.


Silverfin is ISO 27001 certified which serves as an excellent framework to protect and process your personal information in compliance with the GDPR. We at Silverfin know that ISO 27001 is not a magic wand to guarantee full compliance with the GDPR, but in addition to our ISO 27001 certification, we also refer to our Privacy Policy for the measures taken to guarantee full compliance with the GDPR.


GDPR stipulates that the data controller (you or your customer) is to enter into a binding written agreement with its data processor setting out certain commitments of the data processor to assure compliance with the GDPR. We have our Data Processing Amendment (DPA) available, which you’re not required to sign. If you’d prefer a signed copy, you can do that here.


If you would have further queries on how Silverfin handles personal information, be it as a data controller in its relationship with its customers or employees, or as a data processor for all personal information provided by customers through using the Silverfin platform, please contact dpo@silverfin.com

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