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Thought Leadership & Innovation Breakfast Manchester

Food For Thought


Manchester Science and Industry Museum

Wednesday, July 10th

Thought Leadership & Innovation

This networking event aims to connect thought leaders in the industry and stimulate an insightful conversation. We will be touching on current challenges and technology trends across the accounting industry whilst enjoying a delicious breakfast. The discussion will be chaired by Richard Sergeant, Managing Director at Principle Point Ltd and a regular contributor to Accounting WEB.


Table Talk Menu

What will the future of accountancy look like?

Which skills will be needed for the new generation of accountants?

How will business models evolve?

How do you see the role of advisory evolving?

Which new revenue models do you think will emerge?

Do you believe in technology as an opportunity or do you see it as a threat?



From 08.00 - Welcome and Coffee

08.30 AM - Breakfast & Discussion

09:45 AM - Close

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