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Client benchmarking.

Get the story behind the data.


Identify trends in the data, as they happen, across your client portfolio. Unlock opportunities to give advice or offer new services.

Graphic - Client benchmarking

Do more than report

Silverfin enables you to create and monitor key benchmarks for all your clients and provide advisory services, not just reporting.

Go deep

With Silverfin it’s easy to drill down to the information you want – to the individual transaction level if you like. Whether you’re looking for specific performance indicators across your portfolio or need a progress update on key reports, Silverfin will let you find what you need.

Graphic - Go Deep

Take a wider view

With all the data presented in a clear, graphic-rich format, you can compare your client’s performance against their competitors, and see how they’re progressing towards key regulatory milestones.

Graphic - Client benchmarking

Create relevant alerts

Silverfin lets you monitor your client’s performance, and the quality of your service, and set up automated alerts. If the relevant data dips or spikes, the alert will be triggered automatically and you can work with the client to resolve the problem when it happens.

Graphic - Client monitoring

Intelligent, interactive communication

Instead of sending endless emails and leaving messages on answerphones, Silverfin’s communication feature allows you to send messages straight to your client and help them act as soon as possible.

Graphic - Real-time collaboration

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Bofidi uses technology to enable employees and support customers

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Smailes Goldie takes a consistent approach across all clients.

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Blick Rothenberg

Transforming internal processes and client services with Silverfin.

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