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Client monitoring.

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Create automated alerts across your whole client portfolio to monitor risks or tell you when clients reach key events that need action.

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Be proactive

Instead of finding out about problems after they’ve happened or opportunities when they’ve been missed, help your client see them coming and take action.

Take a panoramic view

With all your client’s files stored in one single location, in a standard format, you can compare different companies against one another and build up a picture of their industries. These insights will help you spot emerging trends, opportunities or challenges on the horizon.

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Always-on alerts

You can create relevant alerts for each client, either to monitor their specific risks or prepare for key regulatory events. If the alerts are triggered, you will be notified automatically.

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Prioritise more effectively

Silverfin allows you to view all your client files in one place, and prioritise them according to key search criteria such as financial performance and workflow status. If you’re preparing for year-end closing, for example, you can see each company’s preparation status instantly.

Graphic - Client benchmarking

Data that never stands still

Your client is constantly updating their financial data via various software platforms — and Silverfin is wired into all of them. Any time your client adds or amends their financial data, on any platform, the data will be fed straight to their Silverfin file.

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No team member forgotten

An integrated communications feature ensures no stakeholder is ever left out of the loop. Both you and your client can communicate directly through their file to verify status updates and gain crucial information to settle any queries.

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