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Data consolidation.

All the numbers you need in one place.


Bring all your clients’ data into one secure data hub.

Graphic - Data consolidation

No more chasing or searching

All your clients’ data is there when you need it in a single secure location wherever it comes from originally.

Clear, consistent presentation

It doesn’t matter to Silverfin how your client’s data was originally formatted or where it came from, we bring it together in one standard, uniform chart of accounts.

Graphic - Data standardisation

Always up to date

Silverfin integrates with all leading financial and management data systems. So if your client’s data changes in any of their preferred applications, their Silverfin file will update automatically. Critical financial information will always be fresh and accurate, with no chance of anything slipping through the cracks.

Graphic - Real-time integrations

Give yourself a wider view

By providing a panoramic view of all your client’s data from bookkeeping and other sources, Silverfin lets you identify trends, extract vital insights, and benchmark their performance against their competitors.

Graphic - Client benchmarking

Confidence from the cloud

Financial data is the lifeblood of a company and must be protected at all costs. Silverfin’s cloud platform is secure, cost-effective, and accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere. 

Graphic - Analysis

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Bofidi uses technology to enable employees and support customers

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Smailes Goldie

Smailes Goldie takes a consistent approach across all clients.

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Blick Rothenberg

Transforming internal processes and client services with Silverfin.

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