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Data standardisation.

Access to all data at all times.


Always have one version of the truth when it comes to financial data.

Graphic - Data standardisation

Standardise all financial data from all your clients

Stop endless importing and exporting of files, and creating manual workarounds, just so you can work with client data from different sources.

Link data from different systems

Your clients will no doubt use a range of bookkeeping software - even paper files you have to digitise. Silverfin consolidates that data and stores it in one central, cloud-based location, which means your clients can keep working the same way they always have – and you can get to work immediately too. 

Graphic - Data standardisation

All data in the same format

No matter where your data comes from and how it’s presented in the original source, Silverfin stores everything in a standard and uniform chart of accounts.

Graphic - Data consolidation

Make automation possible

Now all your client data is in the same format workflows can be automated. With Silverfin's templates for common accounting workflows and processes, and the ability to develop your own on the platform, you can use your data to move quickly, and accurately through your work.

Graphic - Workflow automation

One secure structured data hub

Have one place for all your client data that's automatically updated as things change. You're always up to date. You and the client have the same view of the data and you'll work faster and more accurately.

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