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Real-time activation.

Solve problems in real-time.


When alerts are activated, immediately notify your team to take action or inform other management systems.

Graphic - Real-time activation

Never miss a potential issue

Silverfin’s automated alert system will give you the full picture immediately.

Monitor what’s important

Each client is different, with different threats, challenges and opportunities. Silverfin allows you to create alerts for all kinds of accounting considerations, or to anticipate upcoming reporting and regulatory milestones.

Graphic - Client monitoring

One-time set-up

Once you’ve set up alerts, you don’t need to do anything else. The alerts will provide automatic notification whenever they’re triggered, so you’ll always be kept abreast of your clients’ activity.

Graphic - Real-time collaboration

Take a panoramic view

With all your client’s files stored in one single location, in a standard format, you can compare different companies against one another and build up a picture of their industries. These insights may help you spot emerging trends, opportunities or challenges on the horizon.

Graphic - Client benchmarking

React as a team

Silverfin’s collaboration capabilities mean when an alert is activated, you can use the platform to communicate with your team and the client. Work together on the problem or opportunity and get all your progress updates in one place.

Graphic - Real-time collaboration

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