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Real-time collaboration.

Work better and faster.


All client and team communication, files and data is shared on the same financial platform.

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A better way of working with clients

With the same shared file in Silverfin you work hand-in-hand with your clients to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Avoid tiresome email trails

All client and team collaboration is shared in a single client file on the Silverfin platform. If there’s a question it’s made in the file, which means it’s asked in the right context and is received straightaway.

Graphic - Real-time collaboration

Share data easily

If additional information is needed to answer a question the client can see your request and upload what you need right in their file in Silverfin. You get the answer fast and it’s detail that is kept with the client file for future reference.

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Get the full picture

All client and team communication, files and data are held on a single platform, so it’s easy to go back and identify issues or answer questions about how a decision was made.

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Look behind the numbers. Read between the lines

By drilling down into your client’s complete financial dataset, you can extract key trends from the company’s history and provide advice that will make them more successful and help them optimise their financial performance.

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