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Technology Trends in Accounting 2021 Research Report
Discover the progress accountancy firms have made in their business and client service transformation, and what impact the pandemic has had on their use of technology.


Workflow automation.

Improving speed, accuracy and profitability.


Get more done faster. Standardise and automate accounting and compliance workflows across your firm. Accounts production, working papers, corporation tax and more.

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A gold standard for the entire firm

By creating automated templates for all core processes, Silverfin speeds up compliance and other accounting workflows while also improving accuracy.

From days to hours

You can choose from a range of best practice, automated accounting workflows, even create your own on our platform, and reduce the time spent creating working papers, management reports, filings and more.

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Clear rules that everyone follows

Silverfin’s easy-to-use templates guarantee that everyone in your firm is working the same way — no matter how big or widely dispersed your team is. Best practice is followed and approval paths are kept to. New team members get up to speed fast.

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Improved transparency

Because all data is available at one single, accessible point, there’s no chance of any crucial information slipping out of sight. There’s also a clear paper trail for all data, decisions and communication.

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Get the full story, the full background

Silverfin’s platform doesn’t just log core facts and figures. All communication, information and key decisions on each workflow stay within the client file, so new starters can get up to speed instantly and you have a permanent log for future reference.

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