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Technology is changing accounting.
To win in the new rules, you need to be connected.

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How connected accounting will future proof your firm

Connected accountants have four sights. As you achieve each sight your firm, team and clients are more connected, more productive, can develop new services, improve competitiveness – and secure more revenue.


With all your client data in one secure location you can see everything and share a single version of the truth with the client.

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Data consolidation

Bring all your clients’ data into one secure cloud data hub.

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Data standardisation

Simplify how you work by having all client data stored in a standard and uniform chart of accounts, no matter how it was presented in the original data source.

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Real-time integrations

Always have the latest data available when you need it, automatically.

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Our standardised and automated compliance and financial reporting means completing common accounting workflows can take just hours, not days.

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Workflow automation

Get more done faster. Standardise and automate accounting and compliance workflows across your firm.

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Real-time collaboration

All client and team communication, files and data is shared on the same financial platform.

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Easy reporting

Get a wide range of visually appealing financial reports pulling directly from the data hub at the click of a button.

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Silverfin gives you the tools and business intelligence to provide the insight and advice your clients want.

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Client benchmarking

Identify trends in the data, as they happen, across your client portfolio. Unlock opportunities to give advice or offer new services.

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Up-to-date financial data available on-demand helps you produce deeper analytical insights.

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Client portals

Give clients immediate access to the key financial information and advice they need to take business decisions.

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Use Silverfin to improve the quality of your existing advisory services and unlock new services and revenue streams in the future.

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Predictive intelligence

Create automated alerts across you whole client portfolio to monitor risks or tell you when clients reach key events that need action.

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Real-time activation

When alerts are activated, immediately notify your team to take action or inform other management systems.

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New advisory services

Develop new revenue streams from value-added client advisory services developed on our platform and using our data, alerts, collaboration, analytics and reporting capabilities.

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Discover how we've helped firms like yours.


Bofidi uses technology to enable employees and support customers

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Smailes Goldie

Smailes Goldie takes a consistent approach across all clients.

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Blick Rothenberg

Transforming internal processes and client services with Silverfin.

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