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Connected accounting

The new rules of accounting: why being connected is key.

A practical guide for accountants

Accounting is no longer just reporting and compliance - clients demand and expect much more.

Technology is changing accounting forever. Real-time data. Automation. Collaboration. Analytics. We call this the era of connected accounting.

To win in connected accounting, firms need to use technology to transform their services and give themselves the time, data and tools they need to deliver value-added advisory services.

So what does a good technology strategy for connected accounting look like? Working with our clients on their own digital transformation strategy we’ve identified the four key steps and the technologies you need.

Watch our free webinar to hear how you can become a connected accountant and how to create a practical technology strategy for your firm.


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Watch the webinar to discover how:

Technology is changing the accountancy profession

Technology is changing the accountancy profession

To make your accountancy firm ready for the changes in the accounting world.

To create a successful technology plan.

Shift your business model to advisory services.

To change your business model and create more revenue from advisory services.

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Discover how through the use of the right technology accountants are opening up new revenue opportunities.

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