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Silverfin charting turns data into advisory conversations

Joe Grilli
Written by: Joe Grilli

“A picture paints a thousand words.” We hear this all the time don’t we. It is just as true in accounting and for data, particularly management reporting. 

So perhaps we should then say “A picture makes the point in data”. Turning data into engaging charts will significantly increase the impact of the message or advice you are giving to a client. They make seeing the implication or action in the data easy. Strong, beautifully designed charts bring insights and client reports to life.

Silverfin accountants have been using our cloud platform to store client data and automate their accounting workflows like working papers, accounts production and corporation tax. They’ve also been publishing management reports. Many have also developed their own branded management packs and advisory reports on our platform. We wanted to support them with an easy way to turn the great client performance data they have access to into compelling charts that can be shared directly or included in reports in just a few clicks. All without ever having to leave Silverfin or use another application to create them.

So now it’s easy to use Silverfin to design the charts you want and to brand them to reflect your client or firm’s look and feel. When you’re finished with our easy to use charting tool, in just a few clicks you can create, and share, your new charts with your client. Plus you’ll have the final chart template sitting waiting for you in Silverfin ready to use again and again.

But why limit your great new chart and report to one client. Share the templated report and chart with the whole firm on Silverfin and make them available to everyone at the click of a button. Silverfin will pull the required client data and drop it straight in automatically. No need for each team to reinvent the wheel. Less time finding data, designing charts or reformatting old ones, more time discussing the insights they show with clients.

We think customers will be very pleased to see how we’ve enhanced our charting. Turning client data into engaging charts is easy to do and adapt to your specific requirements. It’s also easier to brand and then share with clients within Silverfin or in PDF exports.

Effective and engaging reporting is an important part of the advisory conversation with clients. They highlight points for discussions. They give an opportunity to introduce advice and explain the value of new services. At the heart of a good report is well presented data. Clients don’t want to trawl through raw data or be forced to learn how to use a new technology or tool just to see your advisory point. So include great new charts in new advisory reports or share them in a dashboard format within Silverfin.

When you make reporting easier there are other significant benefits too. Firstly it allows you to increase the frequency of when you share reports with clients. If it takes clicks, there is nothing to stop you sharing insights into their performance on a quarterly, even monthly basis. Why only offer this kind of service annually, and link it to statutory reporting, when you don’t have to. This means your client is getting a better service and access to the critical insight and data in time to make a difference to their business. With the data presented in such an easy to understand way they will have a much better feel for what is happening and come to rely on these reports. It also means that you are creating regular opportunities for an advisory conversation that will improve your relationship and unlock new client service revenue.

So give your advisory services, reporting and management packs an upgrade not just in how they look but more importantly, in the impact they have on your clients. Our charting features are available to all customers as a free update now. Contact us to find out more.